A Unique Youth Program Serving the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado

A Paca Peace Ranch boy hugging his alpaca.Paca Peace Ranch is a non-profit organization serving the Wet Mountain Valley area of Colorado. Fifth-grade youth come to the ranch to learn to care for and train alpacas.  They visit three at a time, each working with a mentor.

The youth each bond with and train their own personal alpaca, building trusting relationships with their animals and other people. They gain confidence and learn how to build peaceful relationships through this one-year program consisting of training sessions or activities once a month.

We charge no fees and provide transportation. The ranch is funded by donations and grants, and it is operated by volunteer staff and mentors. 
Paca Peace Ranch practices non-discrimination in the selection of youth (race, creed, color, socio-economic status, gender, handicap).

We always welcome volunteers and support of all kinds.  Learn how you can help.

A Paca Peace Ranch girl hugging her alpaca.